#MARATHON Корректировка расписания.

В субботу, 10 августа, ввиду проведения праздничного марафона

Dj Tener Presents — Trance Time Sessions Episode 250 @august10,11

расписание корректируется следующим образом:


— TriangleviZion — Circles of Techno с 04:00 до 06:00

— Alexander Gorshkov — Chill Around the World с 06:00 до 07:00

— Mike Saint-Jules — Universal Soundz с 07:00 до 08:00

— Dimitry Ferents — Essential House Collection с 08:00 до 09:00

— Dub Special by Kostya Run с 09:00 до 10:00

и далее согласно расписания, до старта марафона в 17:00


— Mischa Sobakin — The Best of Trance & Progressive Radioshow с 07:00 до 08:00

— ODESSEY — Universe of Sound Podcast Trance с 08:00 до 09:00

— DJ Carl Linsky — We Love This… с 09:00 до 10:00

— MixShow Electro Night by ElectroWeb с 10:00 до 11:00

и далее согласно расписания, до старта марафона в 17:00

Позитивно-музыкальных выходных вместе с 109 FM 🙂

#NEW TopTrance #26 by AirSt8

Понедельник, 05.08, с 17 до 19 по киевскому времени.

#SOON Dj Tener Presents — Trance Time Sessions Episode 250 @august10,11

Nebo 109 FM

#NEW AutoMix Webcast by AlexTrefiloff on 109 FM

riovLyMe3Cs 109FM

И снова рады представить вам пополнение в рядах резидентов.

С 24.07 слушайте в эфире AutoMix Webcast от гуру радиоэфира AlexTrefiloff. Своё начало программа взяла ещё в 2000 году. После длительного перерыва программа возвращается в эфир.



Слушайте новые выпуски каждую среду с 21 до 23 по киевскому времени. С повтором в субботу с 12 до 14.

#NEW AUROSONIC & Kostya Run on 109 FM

Позитивное начало недели вам обеспечено)

Сразу 2 премьеры в эфире.

Итак, уже в эту среду, 24.07 с 18 до 19 по киевскому времени стартует еженедельное радиошоу от российских саунд-продюссеров

Aurosonic — Радиошоу Этиология

etyology_ru_cover2012 109 FM

А вторая премьера от нашего резидента Kostya Run.

Вашему вниманию предлагается радиошоу Kollektiv.

Kollektiv by Kostya Run (1 и 3 четверг месяца)

с 19 до 20 по киевскому времени в эфире 109 FM.

uvQ9viYTeas 109 FM

#NEW Track of the week: Тоня Матвієнко – А Може Ти (Tapolsky & VovKING Remix)

Трек недели замечательный, горячий) ремикс:

 Тоня Матвієнко – А Може Ти (Tapolsky & VovKING Remix)

Данная работа  с ошеломляющим успехом была озвучена на недавнем дэнс фестивале Global Gathering. Видео на эту работу

#NEW TopTrance #25 by AirSt8

Понедельник, 15.07, с 17 до 19 по киевскому времени.


#NEW UNITED MUSIC announces the date of the 10th edition of TRANSMISSION

Facebookbanner 10th edition Transmission

UNITED MUSIC announces the date of the 10th edition of TRANSMISSION

It’s been a long time since the 1st TRANSMISSION edition in 2006. A new regular indoor trance concept was born. Now, 8 years later Czech leading dance event organisation UNITED MUSIC proudly announces the date of the special 10th anniversary edition which will be held on Saturday the 30th of November 2013. Location as always will be the wonderful o2 arena in Prague Czech Republic, the capital of Europe. TRANSMISSION promises its fans the biggest and best TRANSMISSION ever for which more than 12.000 Czech and international trance fans – visitors come from over 40 different countries- will gather.

TRANSMISSION started as an indoor trance event in 2006 with 3 editions during that year. The third edition took place in November and since then continued in this month from 2007 in Prague’s o2 arena.

Over the years TRANSMISSION had various themes such as The New World, Ancient Mysteries, Digital Madness and last year the Spiritual Gateway. Responsible for bringing these themes to life with great video projections are the resident VJs, the Dutch VJ team Vision Impossible, an award winning VJ team of 3 Dutch creative minds who look after visuals like the trailer and all the show/intro movies of all the artists.

The theme and line-up for the special 10th anniversary edition will be announced in a later phase. However that it will be big is a fact. As DJs on stage of previous editions were: worlds number 1 DJ Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, ATB, Above & Beyond, Rank1, Guiseppe Ottaviani, Aly&Fila, Sander van Doorn, Menno de Jong, Gareth Emery, Simon Patterson, John O’Callaghan, Gareth Emery, Andy Moor, W&W and many more. One DJ that stands out and can be seen as Resident DJ of TRANSMISSION since 2006 is the sympathetic and much beloved German/American DJ out of Miami Florida: Markus Schulz. Over the years he created various popular anthems for the event such as The New World, Digital Madness and the Spiritual Gateway. Besides the DJs in the line ups, another  highlight of Transmission is the Transmix, a compilation of the greatest trance hits from the past.

“We are very proud that TRANSMISSION has evolved to something so big over the years.“ Anco van der Kolk, CEO and founder of UNITED MUSIC said. „We don’t want to organise just a party, we want to create an experience on a high level which blows people‘s minds away“ he continued.  

TRANSMISSION is especially known for it’s huge Funktion One sound system (specially brought from the UK) to have it‘s visitors experience the best sound possible, great atmosphere, and due its mindblowing productions with a huge stage that covers an area of over 1000 m2. Visitors can always expect hundreds of square meters of LED screens, dozens of high quality lasers, co2 and fire canons, confetti, pyro effects, and high quality lights, lot’s of lights! With the production UNITED MUSIC often managed to exceed the expectations of it’s fans and made the impossible possible. However, the most important part of TRANSMISSION are the visitors who create an amazing atmosphere.

Get ready for the biggest and best TRANSMISSION in history! TRANSMISSION is looking forward to see you and to celebrate the special 10th edition together!






Transmision the 10th edition, November 30th 2013, O2 arena Prague, Czech Republic.

A limited amount Early bird tickets (regular) and VIP tickets are now on sale through the Paylogic ticket sale system at the United Music website: http://bit.ly/15MQmpO

The traditional Golden tickets are in sale for those who want to enjoy Transmission with a maximum of comfort and luxury. The luxury club floor of Prague’s o2 arena has a free wardrobe, several giant bars, luxury seats and offers you a rich variety in catering, which you can take as much as you like for free (what is on the menu) during the whole night. All of that is included in the ticket price. Golden tickets should be ordered by sending an email to Finkousova@bestsportarena.cz

Transmission is presented by Gambrinus Excelent

After movies and video’s from previous years can be found here:




TRANSMISSION Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Transmission.official

TRANSMISSION event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/155460081293452/

Pre-sale Trailer: http://vimeo.com/65826499



#NEW TopTrance #24 by AirSt8

Понедельник с 17 до 19 по киевскому времени.


DJ SAMOSUD@Biruza Beach Club

Резидент станции, автор и ведущий радиошоу Progressive Essentials DJ SAMOSUD в среду 26 июня будет радовать позитивным саундом всех посетителей Biruza Beach Club.