Tom Exo – Planet Trance On Air (#PTOA198)

Written by on 17.03.2019

В ефірі сьогодні о 18:00 за київським часом.

01.Jan Miller – Dreaming (Dove Project Re-Flight Mix)[Newcastle Surge]
02.Latex Zebra – Black & White [Discover Records]
03.Eladi Batriani – Strawberry Flavor (Trancenoid_Remix)[Azure Records]
04.Ryan Raya&Gayax – Nella Notte [Soul Wave Music]
05.Alan Morris – Beyond The Truth [FSOE]
06.James Cottle – Balance [Vandit]
07.Domel – Night Rider [Tar138]
08.Solis&Sean Truby – Tell Me More [Grotesque]
09.Fawzy&Northern Trace – Beyond The Sphere [Redux138]
10.Madwave – Deliverance (F.G. Noise Remix)[Critical Uprising]
11.Talla 2XLC&Sarah Lynn – Love Is Wide Awake [Amsterdam Trance]
12.Casey Rasch – Purpose [In Trance We Trust]
13.Hidden Identity – Melodica (Chris Craig Remix) [Yin Yang Records]
14.Liam Wilson – Get On The Floor [Clandestine]
15.Nightglow – Luna [Pegasus Music]
16.Junk Project – Braintool [Lost In Noise Remix)[Outburst]
17.C-Systems – Ascend [Digital Society]
18.Didit Aphrodite – New Chapter [Blue Soho]
19.Nikolauss – Nidavellir [Subculture]
20.ReOrder – All Comes Back To You (Solarstone Remix)[Pure Trance]
21.Malilinaga vs Fallasco – Escomo La Cocaina [Swivel]


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