Victor Special – Motion of the Planet Episode 085

Written by on 27.12.2017

В ефірі сьогодні о 22:00 за київським часом.

MOTP 085
1 Intro
2 Paul Pollux – Apotheosis Of The Red Giant (Extended Mix)Maraphobia
3 Grizli Man – Wind from the Sun (Original Mix) D.MAX Deep
4 Gelvetta – Princess Asia (Original mix) Gert Records
5 Sunsitive – Surreal World (Original Mix) Evolve Records
6 Northern Angel – Spirit’s Voice (Original Mix) Shamania Music
7 Independent Art – Abstract Distance (Original Mix) Gert Records
8 Ahmed Soliman & Omar Yasser – Drawings From The Past (Original Mix) Blackout Trance
9 Tau-Rine – New Life (Original Mix) Taurine Music
10 Nakhiya – Ephemeral (Abide Remix) Transire Recordings
11 Rysto – Breathe (Extended Mix) Lost World Recordings
12 SeMantic – Flying To The Dream (Original Mix) Atmosfera Records
13 U-Mount – Miracle (Original Mix)Transire Recordings
14 Alex Believe, ROMM, Julia Violin – Time Planet (Original Mix) Lost World Recordings
15 DJ Hold – Faith (Original Mix) D.MAX Recordings
16 DelAir – Citadel (Orchestral Mix) Mysterious Station
17 Ben Ashley – Booyaka feat. Johan Van Bukken (Original Mix) Blackout Trance
18 Shockwaves – Midnight Sun (Original Mix) D.MAX Recordings
19 Klassy Project – Never Coming Back (Original Mix) Appointed Recordings
20 Marc de Buur & Sebastian Relius – Just Still Recognised (Original Mix) Blackout Trance
21 Mark van Gear – Ana Karen (Enfortro Remix) Transire Recordings
22 Outro


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