Victor Special — Motion of the Planet Episode 098

В ефірі сьогодні о 22:00 за київським часом.

MOTP 098 Tracklist :
1 Intro
2 Volmax — Lost In Time (Original Mix) AlYf Recordings
3 Abide & Marc Baz — Before I Fall (Original Mix) Inspectrum Recordings
4 Carl Daylim — My Last Hope (Michael Milov Remix) Maratone Music
5 Project Gabriell FT. Denny Castro — In my Restless Dreams (Original Mix) D.MAX Recordings
6 Aveo — In My Heart (Michael Milov Remix) Maratone Music
7 Jhonny Vergel The Ten Commandments (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
8 Kiyoi & Eky Feat. Alaera — Revelation (Original Mix) Mysterious Station
9 Pablo JU feat. Jackie Faraoui — Dos Versos (DJJireh Remix) Deepsink Digital
10 Coke Montilla — Divinity (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
11 ID — ID (Victor Special Remix) Mindlifting Records
12 Eric Senn & Syntouch — Never Forget (Extended Mix) Butterfly Music
13 Project Gabriell — Faries and Magician’s (Original Mix) D.MAX Recordings
14 Last Dream — Find Me (Original Mix) D.MAX Recordings
15 4Joann My Purpose Was To Be With You (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
16 SinStar — Moon Day (Original Mix) Yeiskomp Records
17 Arthur Volt — Goodbye (Original Mix) Mysterious Station
18 Michael Milov — Resurgence (Extended Mix) Suanda Music
19 Airdream & Calvin O’Commor — Fresh Mind (Extended Mix) Transe Element Records
20 Michael Milov — Alarm (Extended Mix) Maratone Music
21 Outro