Victor Special – Motion of the Planet Episode 157 New Year Edition

Written by on 06.01.2021

В ефірі сьогодні о 22:00 за київським часом.

1 Intro
2 Victor Special & Trance Brothers – ID (Intro Mix) Sundance Recordings World Premiere
3 Paul Cartwright – After Midnight (Extended Mix) Sundance Recordings
4 Sanani – Vesta (Stuart Davidson Vs. District5 Remix) Nahawand Recordings
5 Alex Stendor – The Voice Of The Desert Sea (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
6 Victor Special – Moon Flower (Terra V. Remix) TranZone Recordings
7 Trance Reserve – Another Reality (Extended Mix) Neostatics Sounds
8 Marco Mc Neil – Final Chapter (London & Niko Remix) Interflow Records
9 Cedric Lass – Stellar (Extended Mix) Trancespired Recordings
10 Nth Factor – Escaping Paradise (Extended Mix) Trancespired Recordings
11 Terra V. – Secrets (Original Mix) Edge One
12 Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai – Im Here, You Are There (Dub Mix) Tecnomind Uplifting
13 Ruben de Jong – Side by side (Original Mix) TranZone Recordings
14 Remech – Stay (Original Mix) Pegasus Music
15 Iberian – Now is the Time (Original Mix) Nahawand Recordings
16 Dmpv – Influence (Extended Mix) Nrgized Audio
17 Denis Sender – Shine (W!SS Remix ) Neostatics Sounds
18 Roman Sand – Waterfalls (Original Mix) Gert Records
19 Ben van Gosh – Feel Free (Original Mix) Interflow Records
20 Darren Bax – Lost Horizon (Original Mix) Pegasus Music
21 David Surok – Out Of The Sky (The Mechanic & Vindicator Remix) VERSE (Equinox)
22 Shane Infinity – The Awakening (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
23 David Yarrow Meets Jue – Armor Of Light (Carlos Martz Remix) Sundance Recordings
24 Victor Special – Moon Flower ( Original Mix ) TranZone Recordings
25 Outro

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