Victor Special – Motion of the Planet Episode 159 Moment of Glory Album Mix

Written by on 10.02.2021

В ефірі сьогодні о 22:00 за київським часом.

Moment of Glory Album Mix
1. Victor Special – Moment of Glory (Intro Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
2. Victor Special – Sky Parkour (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
3. Victor Special – Solar Halo (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
4. Victor Special – Bring me the wind (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
5. Victor Special – Long Season of Love (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
6. Victor Special – Perpetual Motion (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
7. Victor Special & Elev8 – Homeless (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
8. Victor Special feat Irina Fox – I’m Waiting (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
9. Victor Special & Elev8 – Floating in the Clouds (Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
10. Victor Special – Moment of Glory (Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
New Release
11 Michele Cecchi – Rays of Life (Victor Special Remix) TranZome Recordings
12 Air Project – Into The Space (Extended Mix) Ablazing Records
13 Joe Cormack – Heartbroken (Original Mix) Trance All-Stars Records
14 Liquid Dream – Eterna (Original Mix) Shamania Music
15 ToA – Believe In Me (Paul Cartwright Remix) Sundance Recordings
16 W!SS – Serenity (Extended Mix) Eximinds Airlines
17 Grande Piano – Iron Angels (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
18 Ka-Da – When All Is Over Nothing Change (Original Mix) Liquid Emotion Recordings
19 Ivan GM – Great Magellanic Cloud (Original Mix) Inspectrum Recordings
20 R1TURAJ – Vidhvansh [Amphan Cyclone’s Theme] (Original Mix) Liquid Emotion Recordings


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