Clouds Testers – “Прогноз Погоды” #187 (гості – Denis Varfolomeev, Sectorone)

Written by on 21.01.2019

В ефірі сьогодні о 19:00 за київським часом.

01 al l bo – Beautiful Inks (Hopeful Peace Remix)
02 Clouds Testers – Skyey Garage (Hopeful Peace Remix)
03 Klara Rubel – Electrifie! Arretez! Electricite! (Hopeful Peace Remix, feat. al l bo)
04 al l bo & Hopeful Peace – Queen Of Women (Original Mix) 
05 Klara Rubel – La Ville Est Mon Orchestre (Hopeful Peace Remix, feat. al l bo) 
06 Klara Rubel – Casablanca (Hopeful Peace & The Soap Opera Remix, feat. al l bo) 
07 al l bo – Thriller (Hopeful Peace Remix)
08 al l bo – Fighters (Hopeful Peace & The Soap Opera Remix)
09 al l bo – Black Tower (Hopeful Peace & The Soap Opera Remix)
10 al l bo – Marvel (Hopeful Peace Remix)
11 al l bo – Ocean Breath (Hopeful Peace Remix)
12 Clouds Testers – Inhale The Love (Hopeful Peace Remix)
13 al l bo – Morning Of Space (Hopeful Peace Remix)
14 al l bo – See 2 You (Hopeful Peace & The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
15 Денис Варфоломеев – Для тебя (feat. all bo and DJ Pashsha)
16 Денис Варфоломеев – Солдат судьбы( Муз. и сл. Э. Туманофф)

Second Hour, mixed by Sectorone (Shelkovo, Russia)

01 al l bo – Be The Stellar! (Pavel Gerasimoff Remix)
02 al l bo – London Awaits (Pavel Gerasimoff Instrumental Remix)
03 al l bo – Oblivion (Mike Key Remix)
04 al l bo feat. Pavel Gerasimoff – Where Is Your Prince (Instrumental Mix)
05 Fancy Power – Golden Sun (Extended Mix)
06 Clouds Testers – This Is Our World (Black Mafia DJ Remix)
07 Draft – Dombok Felett (Sector One Remix)
08 Gerome – Cassandra Grey Into The Unknown (Mhammed El Alami Remix)
09 Mart Sine – Warsaw (Original Mix)
10 Paul Courbet – Altitude (Extended Mix)
11 TbO & Vega ñ The Mystery
12 Tranceye – Dishonored (Anna Lee Remix)

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