Victor Special – Motion of the Planet Episode 129

Written by on 13.11.2019

В ефірі сьогодні о 22:00 за київським часом.

1 Intro
2 DreamLife & Dmitriy Kuznetsov – La Luna Del Cacciatore (Intro Mix) VERSE (Equinox)
3 Paul Pollux feat. Nana – Feel The Light (Belokrinitsky Remix) Tecnomind Music
4 Varsente – Counterbalance (Original Mix) Trancespired Recordings
5 Gayax & Daniel Rigoni – Force (Original Mix) Trans Central Recordings
6 Daniel Rusher – In A Dream With You (Original Mix) Trans Original Records
7 Dan O’Adrian – Escape From The Past (Original Mix) Trans Original Records
8 Ross Rayer – Skyline (Original Mix) Edge One
9 Double Motion – Waiting For The Light (Original Mix) Trancemission
10 The Galician Dream – Wake Up (Abstract Vision Extended Remix) Vibrate Audio
11 Andres Selada – New Adventure (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
12 Pavel Tkachev – Heaven’s Gate (Original Mix) Shamania Music
13 Story Teller – Gemma (Original Mix) Edge One
14 Alexander Voina – Diva (Original Mix) Nustromo Music
15 Grande Piano – Stay With Me (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
16 FAWZY & Han Beukers – Anthem Of The Ancient Kingdom (Extended Mix) Trancespired Recordings
17 Chris Vandevelde – South America 2020 (Dalphon Remix) Tecnomind Music
18 Terra V – Speak Of Silence (Original Mix) Nahawand Recordings
19 Andrew Fraid – Issana (Original Mix) Tecnomind Music
20 Semper T – Summer Solstice (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
21 Mark van Gear – Fer van Gear (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
22 David Gate pres. Teddy Gate – Fairy Love (Original Mix) Pegasus Music
23 Mehdi Bey – Time Traveler (Jose Bumps Remix) Tecnomind Music
24 Kyothough – Me Quemo (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
25 SinStar – New World (Original Mix) Yeiskomp Records
26 Fedde Van Diemen – Suburbs (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
27 Outro

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